Monday, December 31, 2012

Community of Kalidasas of Modern Time ( Kaliyug )

Who is this Kalidasa? When did he live and where in India was he residing? Much
discussion has taken place for a long time now about his life and times. Not many
queries on this score have elicited definite answers. Several legends have sprouted
around him. For instance, one story says that he was the son of a Brahmin and lost his parents while he was a baby of six months. A cowherd brought him up; he had no schooling of any sort. At that time, a king named Bheemashukla ruled over Kashi (Banaras). He wanted his daughter Vasanti to marry Vararuchi, a scholar in his court. But she refused saying she was herself a greater scholar than he was. Vararuchi was furious.

One day, the King's minister happened to see this cowherd-boy sitting atop a tree in a forest and attempting to fell the tree by axing its roots. " What a fool! He should be an ideal husband to Vasanti!" rethought and brought the boy to the capital. The minister and Vararuchi instructed the boy not to say anything except 'Om Swask to any questions put to him at the palace, dressed him up in elegant clothes and took him to the royal presence. The boy was good-looking and they made Vasanti to believe that he was a great scholar.

Vasanti married him and only later came to know of the truth. She was grief-stricken.
She was a devout worshipper of goddess Kali and taught her husband to worship her. However, no amount of his devotional prayer could please the Goddess and finally, he vowed to offer his life in sacrifice if She did not bless him. The goddess relented and inscribed some letters on his tongue. He then became a great poet- scholar. Since goddess Kali blessed him, he assumed the name of 'Kalidasa' (devotee of Kali).

This is one of the most popular legends about Kalidasa.

Nowadays in Kaliyug leaders used to advise not to be a Kalidasa and do not perforate the dish where you are eating or do not axe the tree where atop you are sitting . But the leaders who are advising are not practicing the same and stiing on a strong branch of the tree they used to cut all the branches of the tree until the same gets almost died and then flying away from tree when the time is ripe. The political and corporate leaders always used to make use of the resources  of our world for their own benifit and delivering mesmerising lectures to the followers and gullible common people of the world who can apppropriately be termed as community of Kalidasas of Kaliyug.

Readers to decide and react as the enterprises , institutions are getting poorer in terms of moral and ethical strength and common man can only be mute spectators i suppose.

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