Monday, December 31, 2012

The year 2012 in the light of prognosticator's clairvoyance

If to err is human, then the Ghanaian prognosticators who made the worst predictions about 2012 are truly superhuman. They were wrong about everything, although some of them claim to have spoken to God.

Every year around this time, pundits and prognosticators set about the task of divining what the last year meant. What did we learn about the world?

Polish clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowskifor over twenty years specializing in finding missing people. His successes in the field support the police, which helped unerringly pointing to the location of the corpse. However, the seer can predict events that have yet to take place on Earth. His most famous and highly accurate prediction was the announcement of the great banking crisis, which began precisely at the time indicated in the previous year by the seer, in the middle of September 2008. Seer has long been asked about the year 2012, during which many people have to happen Armageddon on Earth. Krzysztof Jackowski for years he avoided answering this question, but for some time made no secret that in 2012 about getting it more and more alarmed.

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